Umbraco 8 and custom CollectionBuilders

By Markus Johansson

A very nice feature in the latest version of Umbraco (8.0+) is that they’ve made it really easy to implement your own CollectionBuilders. This raises two obvious questions:

What is a CollectionBuilder?

A collection builder is used to create a collection of Types, the main purpose being a collection of types that you would like to keep in a certain order. Umbraco uses this to register stuff like ContentFinders, Components and lots of other things.
The syntax looks something like this:

// Append
// Insert After

By leverage this feature you can create your own collection of types and make sure that the concrete instances in the collection is sorted in the way you want.

How would I implement a custom CollectionBuilder?

We’re basically looking at 3 small pieces that we need to get this in place. Let’s say that we have a type called ITextProcessor with multiple different implementations that we need to store in our custom collection in a given order. We’ll start with the collection it self by creating a new class that inherits from BuilderCollectionBase, all we need to do is to pass the type we want to store in the collection as a type parameter and implement the default constructor: 

public class TextProcessorsCollection : BuilderCollectionBase<ITextProcessor>
    public TextProcessorsCollection (IEnumerable< ITextProcessor > items) : base(items)

 Next up is the “Collection Builder” it self, here we inherit from “OrderedCollectionBuilderBase” and pass 3 type parameters:
1. The builder type it self
2. The collection type
3. The type of the items in the collection

And also implement one single property, “This”. It should look something like:

public class TextProcessorsCollectionBuilder :
OrderedCollectionBuilderBase< TextProcessorsCollectionBuilder, TextProcessorsCollection,ITextProcessor>
    protected override TextProcessorsCollectionBuilder This => this;

 The last thing we should do is to implement an extension method so the builder will be easy to use during composition, let’s create one like this:

public static class TextProcessorsCollectionExtensions
    public static TextProcessorsCollectionBuilder TextProcessors(this Composition composition)
=> composition.WithCollectionBuilder< TextProcessorsCollectionBuilder >();

After this we can work with our list during Composition using the extension method like so:

public class MySiteComposer : IUserComposer
    public void Compose(Composition composition)

 When we want to use the list in our code, we can get it from the IOC-container, prefferebly using consrtructor injection

public class MyController : SurfaceController
    public void MyController(TextProcessorsCollection textProcessors)
        // Save as local variable

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