uHangout about "The Dashboard"

By Markus Johansson



I finished of last week by participating in Warren Buckley's lovely uHangout. This time I showed my latest package “The Dashboard” which also won this years package competition on CodeGarden 15. The package is a really simple dashboard that can be used to give both editors and developers a better first experience when the log on to their Umbraco backoffice. This is how it looks:




Please Download The Dashboard and give it a spin! If you would like to contribute (or just leverage the source code) the project is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/enkelmedia/TheDashboard


Our conversation also evolved into an overall discussion about the editor experience in Umbraco CMS and how you as a developer can improve it.


If you want to watch the show it on http://uhangout.co.uk/ or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNoHxYSuBXo


I’ll try to post a summery of the tips and tricks and the packages that I talk about in the upcoming days.


Cheers! =D

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