Great reading about Umbraco

Last week i discovered a great resource for information about Umbraco. It's a christmas calendar that contains 24 blog posts about Umbraco and how to use it. I would like to present some of my favorite posts here.


Focus on the editors

The editors are the people who will use the system the most. Thats why I love these posts about how to make Umbraco easier to use for our editors:


Developers goodies

Another great topic is speed. I see far to many pages that are slow because the developers don´t implemented a good cache-strategy - I love the quote "not running code is the fastes way to improve you applications speed".


Matt Brailsford shows a very simple way to implement paging using Umbraco: simple paging


The new Image control in Umbraco version 4.11 is described here:

All the posts can be found here:


Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane to the south of Sweden and on tuesday I will attend the Umbraco course in Copenhagen! =D I'll try to write some blog posts during the week - I'm working on a post about the new data layer in Umbraco 6 based on the great micro orm PetaPoco.

PS. If you like the blog post - please share it =D