It's official, my pull request was approved



Today I was celebrating with champagne at my office (not really but it sounds good), I have finally contributed my first lines of code to the Umbraco Core! =D


I fixed a small issue with the MetaWeblog API which makes it possible to create content from programs like Windows live writer, Word, Blogger and so on.



How did i do it?

I was surprised by that fact that it was quite easy to contribute and I would like to describe how I did.

1. I read though the articles about how to contribute found at

2. Created an account on

3. Installed TortoiseHg as my Mercurial client to work the Umbraco repository. (and read this small tutorial on how to use it)

4. Created my own fork of the Umbraco repository on Codeplex (may not be needed, read last part of this page: Fork is taking to…)

5. Cloned my new fork to my local computer

6. Performed my changed to the code and made a commit.

7. Pushed the commit to my fork on Codeplex and created a pull request to the official Umbraco project.


So if you find annoying this and bugs in Umbraco, at least report them! If you have the time an knowledge, clone the repository and fix them. I got some great feedback from Sebastiaan Janssena and really learned some new stuff on the way!


All the best!

PS. If you like the blog post - please share it =D